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Mobile application development is the process of creating fully functional mobile applications that focus on a specific business or product. Mobile apps are preferred over websites because they require less internet to load. They are downloaded to the user's phone, making them easy to use at any time. By downloading their databases to your phone with you, loading and processing times are significantly reduced, as data analysis takes a minimum of time. Many app development companies offer iPad app development, but some of them lack in producing well-finished products and others lack in the quality of producing user-interactive apps. We have experienced local app developers who have built many successful apps throughout their careers. They know the dynamics of effective application development like no one else. Our Apple app developers have such extensive knowledge of iOS development that they can resolve any bugs and errors that come their way. For exceptionally good mobile app development and design, contact us and discuss your requirements with us. We are confident that we will be able to come up with a suitable plan for you. We can turn your ideas into reality!

Process For Application Development

01- Conceptualization

One of the basic steps of the entire application development process is its conceptualization. It's easy to think that my business needs an application that does "this, this, and this", but when we look at it from a development perspective and open up the requirements and break them down into micro-requirements, they turn out to be very complex and detailed. Conceptualization is a process where we combine user expectations with development dynamics and see how much of it is achievable using various development and design techniques.

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02- Validation

The validation process involves testing and validating the actual product. Verification and validation are often mentioned together, and to ensure that a product is developed according to requirements and produces the expected output, it must go through V&V, or in other words, verification and validation. During verification, we make sure that the developed application really meets the needs and requirements of the users. This is done to ensure that we develop exactly what the user envisioned, so we don't waste time fixing things. It can be called a proactive approach to ensure that the final product is exactly according to our clients' dreams!

03- Development

Development is the process of implementing all the design, architecture and business requirements and creating a prototype that is usable and testable. The coding process involves writing sets of different codes that meet the functional and non-functional requirements of the project. Development is the stage of application development. You start to see something visible and usable in the form of a prototype application that can then be tested and validated.

04- Testing

After the development phase comes the rigorous testing phase. Software testing is done to ensure that it has no functional or computational errors when delivered to the client and that the user can start using it immediately. In this phase of testing, the software, all its components and then their sub-components called units are tested individually and then in combinations. After individual (unit) and component testing, the system is continuously tested as a whole system. We have dedicated teams to carry out testing activities and only after their notification we hand over our projects to our clients.

05- Deliver To Customer

The last step in the development of the application is its delivery to the customer. This step comes after almost seven steps of mobile app development and it is significant. When the application is delivered to the customer, it is downloaded to their device and a training session is held to familiarize users and stakeholders with the application's features. It is necessary to undergo initial training so that they feel comfortable with the new application and know how to use it properly.

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